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Wikileaks to Faruque Ahmed and Boat People

Wikileaks to Faruque Ahmed and Boat People

Further to The Influence of the neo-cons, Specifically Prejudice and Bigotry in the Climate Change Debate Australia houses more than 100 000 illegal immigrants at any given time. Most of these overstays will be from UK, Ireland, USA, … !

Above mentioned ‘illegal migrants’ and ‘refugees’ generally enter in Australia via big airports, planes and with the assistance of many big corporations! The complaisant government of Australia neither excluded these airports as “immigration exclusion zone” nor prosecuted big corporations as ‘people smugglers’!

However, a few little islands close to Indonesia were removed from Australian Immigration Zone and poor people who ferry these desperate boat people are condemned as ‘people smugglers’!

Would you believe, despite harsh and unjust conditions more than 90% ‘boat peoples’ are found to be genuine refugees. Yet, the corporate media outlets and government instruments cunningly orchestrated a national anxiety and paranoia over these ‘boat people’.

Ironically most of these boat peoples are from war torn Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sri Lanka and countries like them. Sadly with USA, countries like Australia going around other peoples’ countries, destroying their life and livelihoods, nature and environment, villages and crops mercilessly! Yet, they are very intolerant towards their victims who drift in Australia’s shore.

We knew them before. We got direct evidence due to Wikileaks that:

1. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan got nothing to do with Australia’s defense and safety.

2. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not winnable.

Yet the rude and arrogant, heartless and thoughtless leaders of Australia are sending their children to die for Israel and they have been playing cruel politics with defenseless refugees!

I made a few attempts to talk about The Influence of the neo-cons, Specifically Prejudice and Bigotry in the Climate Change Debate and What Do You Know About The Northern Territory Intervention?. Would you believe, the corporate media outlets do not allow me to talk about any of these issues including Israeli HOLOCAUST in Palestine and Israeli Holocaust in the Occupied Palestine Was Conspired before Hitler’s Holocaust!

-- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote:

Gutless Mark Kennedy and More

When are we going to persecute Bush, Blair, Howard and their warmonger partners for war crimes and genocide?


Greens demand Murdoch hack get a clue and fired

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The following letter by Greens leader Bob Brown was sent to Murdoch’s Herald Sun newspaper:

Dear Editor,

Andrew Bolt has blood on his hands. He stridently insisted on the invasion and killings in Iraq which led to millions fleeing. Some of those millions ended up in the ocean off Christmas Island on Wednesday.

Andrew Bolt’s call, while bodies were still in the ocean, for Julia Gillard’s resignation (but the Labor Party opposed the war in Iraq) lacked human decency. He should resign.

Senator Bob Brown

--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" wrote:

Gutless Mark Kennedy and More

For more: Gutless Mark Kennedy and More

Further to Gutless Mark Kennedy below The Telelcrap is a tabloid trash. I haven't seen any fair article in that source of moral and environmental pollution. The other day, The Telelcrap launched a "trial by media" against a Middle Eastern taxi driver.

Gutless Mark Kennedy and another shock jock are running the midnight to dawn segment of "radio 2UE disgrace". This station's prejudice and bigotry, lies and distortions calculated to incite hate against the Muslims and Arabs are well-known! Despite the hate-a-thon of 2UE more than 70% midnight to dawn segment are full of recycle materials from other programs as they failed to attract callers.

Would you believe, the other day, Mark Kennedy read out The Telelcrap initiated "trial by media" five times to settle his score with Faruque Ahmed. However, no one took his bite and no one joined in taxi drivers bashing as Mark was expecting.

Politicians, public servants and media outlets supposed to serving public interests and state good. However, they have been;

1. Serving corporate interests,

2. Compromising public good and state interests,

3. Manufacturing consent and opinion,

4. Preventing free and fair discussions,

5. Encouraging us to send our children to die for other peoples' wars,

6. Encouraging us to send our children to die in unwinnable wars,

7. Encouraging us to send our children to die in Israel centric wars!

Sadly, they are not concerned about reporting truthfully and accurately as the Australian Communication Media Authority allows them to get away with murder!!

Gutless Mark Kennedy?

Further to Brave Mark Kennedy below, radio 2UE has resorted in lies, prejudice, racism and sectarianism in order to manufacture consent and opinion.

Lately I have noticed that many callers have deserted this blatantly racist and fascist radio station. Most of the night time shock jocks are forced to recycle boring and old items from other shows! 70% of the time they are lacking of online callers.

This morning I rang up the station and found, this racist and fascist radio station has not altered their vitriolic policy and the producer used two dirty tricks to avoid me!

Therefore, I would like to ask Mark, "are you a party to this conspiracy or the management is"?

Brave Mark Kennedy

Last night Dr. Keith Suter was talking to Brian Wilshire and they made some joke about 72 virgins. 15 minutes later he changed his tune and said, "…. According to Quran it says, 72 raisins (sultanas) and it does not make any sense why some one would commit suicide for something you can buy from your supermarket"! Therefore Faruque was right! The 72 virgin myth was carefully created and nurtured by the Zionists to demonise Muslims.

Last night also Mark read out the following two items. He also asked Faruque to call him but we have not heard from him. Do we know why? Mark appears to be a brave fellow as many broadcasters would be scared to red out some of the materials like two items below!

A. "Many politicians and media personalities of Australia, USA and UK would sell their mother for Israel! I think it is a sickness. Generally speaking, they condemn Nazism while they embrace Zionism. They know the Zionism is older and worse than Nazism. They cry for sixty year old "European sickness" as holocaust while they are aiding and abetting Israeli holocaust in Palestine without any compunction whatsoever!" and

B. "Idiot News readers, columnists and shock jocks of Australia and USA should be reading these articles first before dancing with Zio-Nazis. I feel sorry for them.

1. Rocket count is rubbery, and so is the goal

2. Solution needs true leadership

3. `We are all Palestinians'

4. Bin Laden's ex-driver set free (One must wonder which court of law, judge or jury found Osama bin Laden guilty of anything, let alone terrorism?! How the hell Israeli and American terrorism is going unnoticed to News readers, columnists and shock jocks of Australia and USA?)."

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