Friday, May 11, 2007

More civilian casualties in Afghanistan

The ‘cost of war’ like the civilian casualties went up 90% during the first Gulf Massacre and it is on the rise. This situation worsened because of deliberately targeting water, electricity and other utility infrastructures as the USA did destroy more than 90% such infrastructures in Iraq on that time. To make things worse, the USA administration has added demonizing opponents based on their race and religion during military training sessions and in the operation theatres! The net impact of these deadly combinations has increased the civilian casualties by moirĂ© than 96%. To-days Iraq and Afghanistan are two prime examples of such a cruel reality. Unless the mankind finds a way out of this deliberately nurtured evil, we may be heading for greater tragedy.

Right now, opponents of the Talibans and Saddam are joining with others to fight against the Anglo-Americans and such a rage will rise continuously.

More civilian casualties in Afghanistan
May 11, 2007 - 4:54PM

The US-led coalition confirmed a battle between US forces and Taliban militants in southern Afghanistan caused civilian casualties and a joint Afghan-US investigation was under way.

The governor of Helmand province has said 21 civilians were killed in airstrikes on Tuesday in the Sangin area, though residents said the civilian death toll was higher.

In a statement late yesterday, the coalition said it had treated 20 Afghan civilians wounded in the 16-hour battle, including a child who later died of its wounds.

"There are confirmed reports of civilian casualties, but it was unclear how many," the statement said.

"A joint Afghan and coalition force inquiry is being conducted."

General Dan McNeill, the top NATO commander in Afghanistan, told National Public Radio "it does appear there were civilian casualties," but it wasn't clear what caused them.

He said it was likely the Taliban militants had been firing on coalition forces from civilian homes.

US Special Forces "got into an ambush by a far superior force, and as they tried to work their way through this by shooting and moving, it became clear this was a pretty good size insurgent force who also could shoot and move pretty well," McNeill told NPR.

"And eventually the only way they were going (to) get out of it ... was to use airstrikes. It did not dissuade the insurgents," he said.

The battle in Sangin marked the third major incident resulting in civilian deaths in the last several months, sparking outrage among Afghans and a warning from President Hamid Karzai that civilian deaths can no longer be tolerated.

In March US Marines Special Forces fired on civilians after a suicide attack in eastern Afghanistan, killing 19 civilians and wounding 50.

Late last month airstrikes and fighting killed some 50 civilians in the western province of Herat, Afghan and UN officials say.


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Middle East Formula for Peace

Middle East Formula for Peace (destroyed by Zionised people of Sydney Indy Media) (2nd time)

Arizona, Arkansas, Austin, Cleveland, Colorado, Indy Bay, Iraq, New Hampshire, Richmond, Winipeg, South Africa,

Dr. Bouthania Shaaban was speaking at Macquarie University on the 8th September 2006. Her speech was interesting, revealing and full of commonsense. She gave us a few details on how and why the Middle East peace process is not moving forward. She reminded us that the Israel centric, senseless and dangerous American policy (i.e. diplomacy of coercion) to force Arab countries into submission is illegal, immoral and unacceptable by all measures. During the discussion session, many good academics and writers made some positive contributions. The second last speaker was good old Faruque Ahmed.

Faruque Ahmed: Dr. Shaaban, thanks for your diplomatic and informative talk. However, I’ll talk straight because I am a street worker and I don’t like round about language. You see, overseas people like you think we are free and fair dinkum here! The fact is totally opposite. In reality, our media, politicians and most instrumentalities are beneath Israeli feet. (There were a few red and impatient faces amongst the audience who could easily be traced. Then however, Faruque continued). No Prime Minister or power broker of this country has the guts to speak out against Israeli war crimes and genocides. For undeniable evidence to support my claim, I would like to request you to look at the map (He did so by pointing at a bunch of documents he delivered to the Minister a few minutes earlier). Such a map continues to be completely absent from our mainstream media.

This was Ehud Barak’s supposed genuine offer made at the “Camp David” talks and as noted above, you won’t be able to find this map printed anywhere in this country. Examining this map clearly shows, the “Camp David” offer to be a hoax and a recipe for disaster. Ever since, everyone has been unfairly blaming the poor Palestinians for not accepting this unacceptable and ludicrous offer. You won’t even be able to raise or discuss this issue properly or freely in Australia without being branded as an “anti-Semite”.

The United Nations, as well as many Presidents, Prime Minsters and Minsters such as your-self have been trying to bring about peace in the Middle East for the last sixty years. All of you have failed spectacularly and miserably. Sixty years went by, whilst many wars and many rivers of blood continue to give us nothing but bitterness and hatred. Therefore, it is time for people like you to step aside and listen to us. We will show you how to bring peace in the Middle East.

You see, in recent history the Pakistani nuclear bomb has been maintaining peace and stability in the sub-continent. This is undeniable evidence of how human nature’s response to deterrents can help bring about and maintain peace.

The illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq forced North Korea to become nuclear to deter American threat. Again, I believe that this has assisted us in maintaining peace and stability in the Korean peninsula.

Right now, Nazi Zionist Israel is armed to its teeth whilst the poor Palestinians have a few Kalashnikovs hidden in their underwear. That’s why Israel can afford to break and or ignore any law, moral code or form of justice altogether and attack anyone at anytime without fear of any consequences whatsoever. However, if we can provide similar or comparable types of arms to the people of both Palestine and Lebanon, there will be peace in the Middle East instantly. Because of their mutual quest for survival, the Israelis, Lebanese and Palestinians will be prompted to sit together and work out a viable and lasting solution to their problems. Otherwise, you won’t see peace in the Middle East at all.

(The crowd cheered Faruque). Furthermore, Palestine and Lebanon are not the only victims of zionised American Terrorism, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Iraq are also victims.

Faruque Ahmed, Sydney, Australia, Mobile: 041 091 4118