Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LAW to Misery of American People

LAW to Misery of American People

Saturday, 8th of March 2008, I have encountered Ms. Kathy Black from US LAW (US Labour Against War) at the Tom Mann Theatre, Sydney, Australia. Very nice, well spoken grandmotherly figure! She is traveling the world with her colleagues. They represent American Trade Unions.

They found out the ugliness and vicious cycles of wars and specifically the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq. They also knew, because of these wars, poor American workers are loosing their share of food, education, housing, medicine, civil rights, industrial rights and other vital needs. Needless to say, their governments who have been acting against the wish and interest of the American people are earning hate across the world.

I say, Good on You American Union Movement!

They stood up under a united banner. They are traveling around the world and building bridges between ordinary man and women across the globe.

Great lady, to her credit, she acknowledged the superior knowledge of her Australian audiences! She also confessed how little she knew from `inside America'!
We had many things in common and we became friends.

During the question time, my old friend Anna who was chairing the meeting continuously ignored me. However, due to the pressure of the audiences she had to accept my question.
My question was "how can we win war and peace"?

Her response was, "I don't know".

I continued, let's share together and find out. You see Australia is a fairly rich country and I am ashamed to say, we are stealing oil from our poor neighbor East Timor (the crowed applauded). Yet, we are sending hundreds of million dollar worth of military aid to ET and they are not even feeding one person other than a tragic `show' of Australian guns and boots. On the other hand the `bad guy of Cuba' delivered hundreds of teachers and doctors to ET and took many ET kids to Cuba to make them doctors and teachers. You see, he is assisting to build a society and surely one can work out, "who is wining"?

Then I gave a brief account of our attempts to destroy/weaken Iran in many ways over so many years. Yet, other day, so called Hitler of Iran Mahmoud_Ahmadinejad (not Mohammed Mossadegh ) hop in to a plane at Tehran and hop out at Baghdad airport, got into car, drove along the `HIGH WAY TO DEATH" without American escort. He stayed at the DENGERIUOS Red Zone, mixed with all kinds of people including Shias and Sunnis despite a totally idiotic media coverage of Shia/Sunni divide and Ahmadinazad in the `west' on that day and eventually finished his business and went back to Iran safely. I posed and said, "I am sure you now by now, who is wining".

At the end, we spoke, we cried and laughed, we look for hope and peace around the word in a much more determined manner.

But, what about my friend Anna? Was she preventing a "machine gun" like me not to attack her distinguished American guest as my old friend Professor Rees tried to protect his guest Scot Ritta earlier! Well, to my friend's surprise, Scot came and sat to me, and asked, "buddy, what was your question"?

Abridged from: In Sadr City, Basic Services Falter